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Symbols for Sound



Come learn about the interdisciplinary area of Mathematical Music Theory in which exciting art and science come together!


The concert will feature Dr. Emilio Lluis-Puebla of the National Autonomous University of Mexico playing two Beethoven sonatas for piano.  Dr. Lluis-Puebla is a mathematician and musician.


The second half of the concert will feature jazz with mathematician/ pianist Dr. Guerino Mazzola of the University of Minnesota School of Music who holds a joint appointment with the University of Zurich Department of Informatics, and drummers Heinz Geisser of Switzerland and Shiro Onuma of Japan.


The project also features a symposium with guest speakers Dr. Lluis-Puebla and Dr. Mazzola joined by Dr. Parag Chordia of the Music Intelligence Lab at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology.  Dr. Lluis-Puebla will analyze Mozart’s musical dice game from a mathematical viewpoint and put forward George David Birkhoff’s Aesthetic Theory, among other topics. Dr. Mazzola looks at the creative process using a model that is deduced from the Yoneda Lemma of mathematical category theory and applied to the last variation of the third movement of Beethoven’s op. 109, illustrated at the piano. Dr. Parag Chordia, from the Georgia Tech Music Intelligence lab, will discuss ongoing work that attempts to understand musical creativity using tools from machine learning and cognitive science.

The events are free and open to the public.

April 4, 2012
Rialto Center Lobby

Seminar on Rubato Composer
April 5, 2012
COE--Room 796

April 5, 2012
Kopleff Recital Hall

April 6, 2012
COE--Room 150

 Click here to listen to the WRAS interview about Symbols for Sound!


Guest artists from left to right: Dr. Emilio Lluis-Puebla, Shiro Onuma, Dr. Parag Chordia, Heinz Geisser and Dr. Guerino Mazzola.

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